Jewellery Myths Debunked

Jewellery has been part of human civilization and history for centuries. While each age has shaped the manner jewellery is created, seems and what represents as jewelry, the timing has also given rise to a number of myths and stories about jewelry. A number of them stem from shared folklore while some are more modern. A number of them have subconsciously influenced the jewelry business and sponsors alike. Let us look at a few frequent jewelry myths and shed some light on the facts behind them.

Gold Comes In Various Colours

Gold is yellow in its naturally occurring condition. But due to the existence of gold, white, rose gold, etc., many consider that gold can be found in lots of colors. Nonetheless, these are only metals of gold made by mixing pure gold with other metals such as silver, iron, or platinum. For example, white gold is an amalgamation of nickel, gold and palladium, while increased gold joins silver, gold and aluminum. These gems were matched to every month with no particular reason. It was just in the start of the 20th century which modern birthstone list because we understand it now started taking shape. You could even take a look at our website on the characteristics of a Taurus woman according to her birthstone.


Pearls Can Dissolve In Vinegar

There’s some truth to this myth because pearls are porous and also the many delicate among all prized stone. Because of this, these stones may dissolve in vinegar, blot, the procedure is slow and might require a few days. The fantasy started when Cleopatra needed to throw a very lavish dinner party and started throwing pearls in to her in her beverage. Even though it’s likely to dissolve pearls immediately by beating themhistory has exaggerated this reality through time. If you are intrigued by this traditional gemstone, here is our website on everything you want to know about pearls.

Sapphires Are Just Blue In Colour

While sapphires are interchangeable with their cerulean color, a little-known truth is these precious stones can be found in a number of different colors besides blue. Based upon the amount of impurities located in the rock, the color changes from blue to a lighter blue or occasionally to a very different colour. As an example, the conventional blue sapphire includes traces of iron and titanium. The existence of vanadium varies sapphires to purple, whilst iron turns them yellow.

Diamonds Are Indestructible

This is one of the most prevalent myths associated with jewelry. But a degree 10 classification means that it can’t be scratched. And while diamonds do continue the longest for the makeup, they could crack under intense heat and strain. It is therefore crucial that you look after your jewelry

The larger The Stone, The More Expensive It’s

It might appear the natural thing to assume, the cost point of a gemstone straight depends upon its size. Nonetheless, this is far from accurate, as a rock’s cost is dependent upon the 4Cs — cut, color, carat and clarity. It’s totally feasible to get a diamond to have a fair color and cut but you need to be big in size and cost less than a diamond with high quality cut and color, but you should be small in proportion. As a guideline, it’s almost always best to select diamonds according to their general qualities instead of focussing on their dimension alone.Buying jewelry and precious stones is obviously an investment, and you should not be held down by legends and myths. With time, an increasing number of myths surrounding jewelry are certain to crop up. Though a number of them create for fun tales, it is almost always a fantastic idea to be aware of the difference between fiction and fact. Stop by Gehna now for exquisite and authentic jewelry, or discover more about our custom layouts.

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